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7 Patterns and 15 colors

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Superior Virgin Naturally Curly:Im not going to lie when I got the hair in the mail I was mortified...I didn't know what to do...but my stylist washed it and the hair looked lovely...I would of lik
Perfectress Premium-French Body Wave:  This hair is amazing! Getting mine re-installed tomorrow after wearing it for many months.  Using the same tracks just washed, conditioned and brush
Virgin Remi Indian Hair- I made my first Wagman's purchase two weeks ago and have had mine installed now for almost a week.  The hair wears amazing straight AND my curls are delightful. T
  Raw Virgin Indian:  If you want TIGHT lovely curls - I suggest Wagmans Virgin Curly...it gets no curlier than that - and I mean on a consistent basis Anonymous  
Customer Service: For those that who maybe on the fence about ordering hair online. I put a order in with Wagmans after reading all the reviews and I called 1 day not even 24 hours and my hair was

PerfecTress Premium Lace Front Partials

SUPERIOR Virgin Remi Machine Weft/Curly & Enhanced Curly

SUPERIOR Virgin Machine Weft/Natural Straight/Wavy

RAW Virgin Remy Indian Human Hair Machine Weft/NATURAL CURLY

RAW Virgin Remy Indian Human Hair Machine Weft/NATURAL STRAIGHT

SALE ITEMS-Perfectress Remi Indian WEFTS


Welcome to Wagman’s Human Hair Extensions

Wagman Hair is a premier Remy human hair extension company that prides itself on having a combination of great customer service and high-quality Indian and Chinese Remy human hair extensions! Based out of Pennsylvania, we serve customers locally, nationally and globally – YES, we are known across the world for our human hair extension products! We have a customer service staff that is very knowledgeable about our exclusive human hair extensions and can assist you with any questions you may have. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or, an experienced stylist, and regardless of what type of human hair product you are looking for—braiding hair, hair extensions, or hair weaves, we can definitely make your purchase worth while ! Our wefts are made to prevent shedding and tangling; we offer 100% human hair that is optimum for blending with your natural locks. Our PerfecTress human hair patterns, on average, last 15 months! Yes, our hair is re-installable, easily maintainable and beautiful!