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Superior Virgin Indian:  This was the first time I had ever purchased human hair for weaving online and I must admit I was a little scared at first but after reading all of the positive review

The Three Types Of Human Hair

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If someone asked you to name the three types of human hair, what would you say? Would you mention something about the hair on our heads versus the hair on our bodies? Or mention that color and texture of hair vary among ethnic groups?

If so, you'd be wrong. Biologically speaking, there are three distinct types of human hair. You can probably find two of them on your body right now (and yes, you could do it while keeping all your clothes on). The other type of human hair would be a little more difficult to find. You might have to go to a doctor's office and ask for some very sensitive equipment and a willing volunteer.

But more on that in a bit. Without further ado, here are the three types of human hair.

Terminal Human Hair. This is the hair you're probably most concerned with. If you're a fashion plate, it's the hair you spend twenty minutes styling every morning, and if you're going bald, it's the hair you're gradually losing. But even though most terminal hair can be found on the scalp, this term covers nearly everything we think of as body hair, including facial hair, armpit hair and pubic hair. It is the longest and thickest hair on the human body. Every strand of terminal hair is also connected to a sebacious gland, which deposit the necessary fatty oils onto our hair.

Vellus Human Hair. Vellus is the "peach fuzz" that grows on much of the surface area of our bodies. Usually less than a couple of millimeters long, vellus hair is found mostly on the face and the back of the neck. It's more visible in women and children, who have substantially less terminal hair than men, whose thick body hair hides vellus.

Lanugo Human Hair. Everyone has lanugo hair -- at least until they're born, that is. While fetuses are in the womb, they have a distinct lack of body fat -- so they grow lanugo hair to keep warm. This hair usually disappears shortly after birth and is replaced with vellus hair. What's more, humans aren't the only ones with lanugo hair -- mammals we commonly think of as hairless, such as elephants and seals (and elephant seals) are born with a coating of lanugo hair.

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