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effective September 19, 2014.  We thank you for your patronage over the years!  

Look for the Wagman Hair brand to be sold through this website 

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Malaysian Hair Weaves: What It's All About

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When people talk about Malaysian hair, they're usually talking about a rare grade of human hair used for weaves and extensions. With its dark color, smooth sheen and natural moisture, it's the most luxurious and versatile types of human hair available. It's the gold standard.


But the term "Malaysian hair weave" also refers to a very specific method of method of weaving hair extensions into someone's existing hair. A Malaysian hair weave is a method of installing extensions that won't cause harm to the surrounding natural hair. It's a procedure by which actual human hair extensions are, very gently, braided into a client's natural hair without glue or bonding agents, and without using unnecessarily tight braids that pull at the scalp, break natural hair, and yank it out by the roots.


Here's the basic rundown on how a Malaysian hair weave is performed.


Choose the right hair. Not even the most adeptly installed Malaysian hair weave will be its best if you don't use the right hair. Actual Malaysian hair may not be available, or its cost may be impractical, but you should at least strive for real human hair. It's best to use the highest quality hair you can afford; the weave will last longer, feel better and look more natural.


Wash and condition the natural hair. This is an absolute necessity before the weaving process, and the rule here is that you can't overdo it.  Wash and condition at least three times each, and don't use any harsh chemicals on your hair for as long as possible before the Malaysian hair weave is performed.


Moisturize the scalp. If your scalp in in poor health, your hair is more likely to break near the roots, where the Malaysian hair weave takes place. You should actually begin moisturizing your scalp several days before the weave is scheduled.


Braid the hair. The process of creating a Malaysian hair weave is similar to box braids, at lest in the beginning. The hair of the weave is deftly woven into the hair on your head; a particularly skilled hairstylist can work with hair that's only half and inch short.


Wagman hair is one of the premier providers of human hair products to stylists across the nation. Check out our broad selection, or contact us for a sample.