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  Raw Virgin Indian:  If you want TIGHT lovely curls - I suggest Wagmans Virgin gets no curlier than that - and I mean on a consistent basis Anonymous  
Perfectress Premium-French Body Wave:  This hair is amazing! Getting mine re-installed tomorrow after wearing it for many months.  Using the same tracks just washed, conditioned and brush
Superior Virgin Indian:  This was the first time I had ever purchased human hair for weaving online and I must admit I was a little scared at first but after reading all of the positive review
Superior Virgin Naturally Curly:Im not going to lie when I got the hair in the mail I was mortified...I didn't know what to do...but my stylist washed it and the hair looked lovely...I would of lik
Customer Service: For those that who maybe on the fence about ordering hair online. I put a order in with Wagmans after reading all the reviews and I called 1 day not even 24 hours and my hair was

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What makes Wagman's Hair different from other hair?

For our Premium Perfectress Hair line, The cuticles are intact and placed in the correct directions-Remi, single drawn. The Hair tips and roots are trimmed off to prevent matting. Our hair is treated with a Micro Polymer Cross Linking treatment to prevent tangling and Perma Moisture treatment so the hair will not become dry. Our hair combs with ease, is durable, color fast and has a natural shine and natural permanent hair pattern. The Premium Weft is a special tight re-enforced stitched weft and will not shed. Our Virgin Human Hair is hand selected and clean. We work with the best suppliers in Indian and China to keep a consistent quality human hair in stock.

What is the difference between the Virgin Hair Line and Perfectress Hair Line?

The Virgin Human Hair is raw remi human hair, with its natural pattern, nothing has been done to the hair once it is cut from the donor. The pattern is not as consistent as the Perfectress hair line.  Virgin hair has tapered ends and have not been trimmed so the ends may be dry.  We suggest you trim the ends to prevent dryness and tangling

What is the difference between the Raw Virgin Remi Indian Hair and Superior Virgin Remi Indian Hair?

The Raw Virgin Hair needs to be thoroughly cleaned before applying.  The Superior Virgin Hair is Hand Selected and Cleaned.

When will you have Virgin Indian Closures?

We are working on them and will let you know when we start carrying them.

What do the terms Remi human hair and Non-Remi human hair mean?

Remi means the cuticles are going in the same directions.
Non-Remi means the cuticles are going in different directions and the hair needs to be processed before using it.

How much human hair do I need for a full hair weave?

We suggest 1/2lb/8oz minimum, with maximum of 1lb. It depends on the pattern, the length of the hair and on how thick you like to wear your hair.

What do the terms bulk human hair and wefted human hair mean?

Bulk hair is loose hair that is used for braiding
Wefted hair is sewn into a track for the weaving.

What Products do you suggest?

For PerfecTress Hair we suggest our PerfecTress Shampoo/Conditioner/Finishing Spray. 

For Other Hair types we carry we suggest Dove Extra-Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, Pantene Products: Hydrating Curls, Pantene for Dry/Colored Hair.